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Creating a game like Lula takes a lot of work. Currently working alone on it, financial support is essential in order to be able to maintain the project and if the support is sufficient, to hire developers. Access to the development of Lula by supporting the project. The more there is support the more the project can progress.

I want to help LulaI want to help Lula
Monthly Fund to allow to keep working on the project
Goal 1000$ 35%

Lula Saga: The Holestic Adventures is a 18+ game in development using Unreal Engine 4.

Lula Saga is designed to be a progressive adventures game with “life” elements

No end is planned for Lula, the adventures, stories, characters and elements.
This game will be a “alternative and evolutive world” that we are going to see through the Lula’s eyes.
The adventures and themes can be inspired by the all day life, world events, movies, games or whatever.
Parodies and caricatures of our world into a dystopic game universe.

Many characters for many stories

Lula will meet many characters, all of them with their own personalities, preferences, stories, backgrounds, themes, and sexualities.

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