The Project

Please note that the content I create is intended for mature audiences.
By ‘mature’, I mean people who are mature in their thinking and behavior.
I am not catering to any specific community, but rather, welcoming those who are interested in my content.
I am not willing to change my content to please those who are seeking something else.

An adventure game? A RPG? A sims like? A sex simulator? Or what?

Well, for explaining to several supporters privately on discord what I’m planning for Lula.
Most understand how ambitious this project is and that Lula did not fit in a specific category.
The goal is also to do something immersive.

Adventures, yes, there is a great adventure that I wrote for Lula, but I continue to adapt it as development progresses.
Others characters will be playable for some side adventures too, as to understand better the stories and background of them.
There is 2 opposite universes in Lula, Lula is the first main character, the second main character is Owawa and in each universe there is others characters.
But not only.

Sims Like, in part, in parallel with the adventures, Lula will have to work and/or do activities to earn money, rent homes, own clothing, hairstyles, makeup, tattoos, piercing… make some relationship etc.
She will have to do activities in parallel with adventures.
Her appearance, style, body status will also affect how others see her, and will allow or not to unlock certain dialogues to progress.
As if she do some gym, her body will change, make bike will make stronger legs, etc.
If she eat too much she will be more ‘fatty’.
But there will have also for addictions, and many others things.
Who lead to the other point ->

RPG, some elements can be close to RPG concept, as some leveling.
The body of Lula will have stats, what she will do will affect her, and will be necessary to also progress in adventures combined with the ‘Sims like’ elements.
The stats will not be ‘visible’ as UI stats bars, but more visible as her body change or some details on her. I will develop this in the ‘immersion’ point.

JRPG, In contrary to Lula universe where there is no ‘fight’, and where it’s more Lula’s actions who make her progress, The Owawa universe will also have some ‘fight’.
But with a turn by turn as JRPG battles, more similar to Final Fantasy.
The goal with this approach is also to do something with more humor and creativity than real-time battles which limit much more the possibilities.

Sex-simulator, Not really, even if there is sex and that’s a game for adults.
It will not be as what we can call a sex-simulator.
So not as a just a animations player or such something as VR where we interact on actors.
Animations are made also in purpose of progress and stories, so some could be dedicated to be played once, but I will let a ‘flashback’ option to replay them.
As Lula’s body will evolve, all the animations can’t also fit if she’s thin or thick or ‘fatty’.
But we could see a bit of sex-simulator, as she will able to work as streaming girl for ‘Fuutube’.

What else? Well there is also other things in Lula, even ‘racing’ as the Kinky Kart
Rather a parody of ‘mario kart like’.
Or even some old arcade games, playable in the universe directly in the arcade cabinet.
Also as activities necessary to do to unlock some elements and progress.

Immersion, To be immersive a game must have a coherent universe.
But not only. Today the vast majority of games are full of UI stat bars, arrows to guide you. I want to limit this to its bare minimum.
For example:

No progress quests lists, When you interact with other actors they will give you clues or tell you what to do, but also looking out into the universe, like ads, or elements, Lula will make observations ‘remembering’ her current goal.

No status Bars, by looking at Lula, at her details, her expressions, her body, we get a idea about her status as ‘subjective’, but it will be possible to get more accurate stats by visiting evomed center and doing checkup.

No ‘arrows’ everywhere, I can understand having gps/arrows or such when we have huge maps.
But with Lula I make condensed maps, listen other actors, get clues etc, explore and you will find. If you go in opposite way, you do not need a hour to go in the other side.
Inspired by old school adventures games, Lula will be easier too.

A developed lore, In Lula there is brands, a ‘Internet’, a ‘social network’ etc.
I have make real sites for that, still have to progress on it, but in term all what we see  as brands etc in the game have their real sites.
It’s possible to visit these site directly in Lula when she use a computer.
And you will be able to find also clues by visiting these sites, and as well know better the Lula’s universe.
As Lula will progress later in Fuutube, visit it will lead to different pages according to her progression.

What’s the current status of the project?
Well you can probably understand that make all that is lot of work, especially that I’m working alone on this.
But I progress on that every day.
Still too soon to call it a game right now.
I do not progress on it in a linear way, as there is so many things to do, I can work on various points, sometime I work more on animations, sometime more on 3d/rigging, sometime more on code or on the story etc etc.
Sometime I can also be stuck on one or another thing, and so I work on other elements to get back later on other work in progress.

But this project progress anyway, the only thing who could allow me to make it faster, is be able to hire devs to help me, however for that I need to get enough support to be able to hire someone.
I can’t make five years or more of work of 5 or 10 devs alone in one year, it’s something that people need to understand.
I can do my best, I still have only two hands.

I also want to clarify an important point.
I’m on crowdfunding platforms, not on sales platforms.
Currently I am not selling a finished product.
But always try to have enough funds to survive and carry out this project.

I don’t have editors or anything like that, it’s all done with the support of supporters.
I want to be clear about this, because I have had a lot of negative feedback that is incomprehensible to me.
But I understood that many people confuse crowdfunding platforms with sales platforms.
If my project had already been funded, a dozen devs had worked on it for 5 years or more, and it was finalized, I wouldn’t be on crowdfunding platforms but rather on sales platforms.

I ask you to use common sense and understanding.

If you have read this pavement so far, I thank you for your interest and for the support you bring to this project.

Lula is all hand-made animations from idles, walk, sex, interactions…
Lula is all hipoly custom models, advanced skinning, custom morphs, not simple ports…

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Lula is advanced physx combinated with tons of custom morphs for each character…

This content is restricted for registered 18+ users!

Lula is customizable, but not an usual global editor, her appearance will also impact others IG elements…
Lula is more than one universe, there is a main story behind, a pitch, and is developed in this purpose…
Lula is complex and optimized lighting, no raytracing or such, do not need warmachines to run it…

This project contains various content only for adults and mature people.
Some points are related to transhumanism and indoctrination, but do not promote it, rather represent the excesses in a universe that has degenerated.
No content representing underage exists in this project.
Immature and easily influenced young people must be protected from such practices.
Therefore, LulabsGames supports Gays Against Groomers.