As I need fund to keep a roof on my head and save this project,
I open commissions.

The prices can largely vary depending the work, the complexity, if and how long you are supporters.
Prices can vary from 50$ to 400$.

It can be for request specific animations.
It can be to rig new custom characters.
It can be for some accessories etc.
Contact me as each case is evaluated.

Request for animation:
Prices can vary from 50$ to 200$.
Depending complexity and how long you are supporter.
(ex. new patron request 100$ work, will be 75$ for 3 months old supporters, 50$ for >=6 months old supporters (historical)
(By using already created characters, rigged and with controller rig already made.
Including sequence of the animation, video and integrated in following testbuild.)

Animation request paid in advance after accept request.

Contact me and you can expect an answer before 24H.