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Game Requirement:
Windows 10 or 11 64bits
Ram: 16Gb
CPU: I3 or equivalent 4 cores
Directx 12 GPU (recommended GTX 1060 6GB for 1080p high quality)

Refund not accepted, it’s digital data, a public demo will be available as to be able to check if the game run on your hardware.

To access the forum and join the community.
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Content Under NDA

Since day one, I’ve been transparent about the progress, sharing numerous things on social media and the Discord server. So why an NDA asking all testers not to share anything about the Dev versions and Alpha?

As many large project we simply don’t want the devtest and alpha to be presented as the final game. In terms of gameplay, environment, user interface, and many other points, there is still much to do. Sharing on social media and some community would not serve much purpose at this stage.

Unfortunately a large majority of people are not able to understand the stages of development and a possible finished product. This measure, although strict, is a necessity, although this project targets a mature audience, a large majority shows a very serious lack of maturity.

The NDA will be available at the game’s launch. You will be required to review and accept the NDA, as well as link your account to discord, in order to gain access to the devtest and alpha.

Information, previews or anything related to Lula’s Saga publicly displayed are made solely by LulabsGames SRL on these sites.
If this appears on sites that are not on this list, it is not official information and will probably be truncated and inaccurate.